A look into my life and studio

My practice as a sculptor came quite by chance via a meeting with an artist in 2018. That one conversation renewed a life long passion for craftsmanship and sculpture that was put aside after the early death of my father. The in between years were not wasted, I spent them as a professional graphic designer, a career I very much enjoyed. Coming back to my starting point I realise sculpture has freed me up in a way I used to dream about. Portrait sculpture fires my imagination as I have always been an observer of people seeing both the joy and pain in peoples faces – all life is in an expression. I also have a preoccupation with natural forms and subject matter and a deep interest in ancient history and mythology.

Growing up in Cyprus instilled in me a real interest in mythology, ancient history and archaeology. Relics and archeological finds were literally strewn on the ground as we played as children. It was the days when much of the ancient world was still yet to be catalogued and discovered. There is also a wonderful and inspiring tradition in the Mediterranean to create and make things by hand.

During my teen years I spent every spare moment drawing and painting and despite my careers teacher saying that as a colour blind student an artistic career was not recommended, it just made me more determined to go to art school! So I took myself to London to seek a wider perspective and carved a very successful career as a graphic designer. After a decade working at top level design agencies I started my own business and worked with clients in the travel and environmental industries. Winning several environmental design awards. Looking back it was a pathway that echoed with my love of natural ways of living and being. I embraced computer technology but began to seek ways outside work of expressing this connection with nature and found it in soapmaking and handmade organic beauty products. Then after a chance meeting with a sculptor from the Bath Sculpture Group I signed up for mentoring with Royal College of Art sculptor Susan Larner. She opened up a new world to me, the world of clay and raw materials. I had come full circle.

I am now looking at my connection to nature more fully as I explore sculpture materials that resonate with my interest in the beauty behind imperfection.

I work at my studio in the National Trust village of Lacock where I have a small gallery and am available for commissions.

Telephone 07515540246. jacqui.sheard@yahoo.co.uk